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Welcome to Horoscopes and Astrology.

We are an association of loving people from the Nordic countries in Europe who have a great heart for the amazing world of astrology.

Since the start of the internet, we have developed astrological services for both websites, telecommunications companies, television shows, weekly magazines and newspapers and much more. Primarily in the Nordic languages ​​and thus in the Nordic media.

Now we will slowly and surely extend our many products, services and texts to the "English-language" world.

So this site will continuously evolve and bring new and exciting astrological actions, many of which will be completely free.

We will strive to keep us in a cheap price tag - so everyone can afford to get the astrological joy, knowledge and tools that we ourselves are so happy and grateful to be able to use in our everyday lives.

We wish you all a wonderful and spiritually rich life.

Love Horoscopes and Astrology

No persons within a zodiac are the same. To get an accurate picture of what the stars have to say about you in the past, present and the future, we highly recommend that you create your very own personal horoscope. The horoscope will tell you all about your personal development - from career to friendship, family and love. Your personal horoscope gives you good advice and additional solution suggestions, furthermore it will show you where your advantages and strengths are hidden.

Many people spend a lifetime without knowing that the calm, the answers or the adventure they are looking for is just around the corner.

In order for you to get your own personal horoscope, simply click the links below.

You can either choose to get a free sample sent. Or you can choose to get your full personal horoscope, with over 30 pages of reading for only $24

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    Personal Horoscope

    Your personal horoscope will tell you all about your personal development - from career to friendship, your family and love life read more
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    Yearly Horoscope

    You get specific advice on everything from love and finances to friendship and family. This will ensure that you make the most of your next 12 months. read more
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    Personal life horoscope

    Almost ready. Your personal birth horoscope shows you all the features and characteristics you've been born with. Exciting reading about your many possibilities.
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    Couples horoscope

    Your Love Horoscope gives you the opportunity to interpret and enhance your relationship. It’s both educational and entertaining.